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Club Penguin island is the fully 3D successor to Club Penguin. I had the pleasureof art directing its production, updating the classic Club Penguin brand for a new audience.
Above is the first piece of concept art for Club Penguin Island I rendered exploring potential look and layout of a more immersive 3D world. As we began to ready for production, I developed a set of style guides to align the concept artists working on the project. Below are two sample pages focusing on shape design.
Club Penguin Island is a reimagined island to explore. We had to refine a new environment production process relying on white boxing and close development with game design to create zones that had clear navigation and camera transitions and met other game design requirements.
Concept artists: Myself (some examples below), Amanda Kadatz, Justin Scales, Andrew Doll. Modellers: Dan Pope, Brad Sorochka, Andrew Doll, Justin Scales, Miguel Vasquez, Eric Romano
As part of the new and reimagined Club Penguin Island, we revisited the look of beloved Club Penguin inhabitants. I worked with the concept artists, and the editorial team to create characters that visually expressed their updated personalities. 
Above - Concepts by Amanda Kadatz (Gary, Rookie, Herbert), Kristen Lucas (Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic), Justin Scales (Jet Pack Guy), Erin Cinkant (Cadence, Klutzy)
Beyond 3D assets, Club Penguin Island needs lots of 2D visuals to support UI, and other in game visuals, as well as its newsfeed, and social media channels. Multiple methods of asset creation were developed including vector icon creation, comped 3D scenes, and painted assets.
Club Penguin Island hosts many franchise integrations, allowing players to dress up as their favourite Disney characters, and engage with interactive items and experiences that can bring their stories to life. I work closely with franchise partners to successfully translate their IP into Club Penguin Island's style.
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