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I worked as an Environment Artist, and later as an Art Director for Club Penguin for six years. During that time I tackled a broad variety of projects for the brand including the online game itself, other mobile apps, merchandise, and more. 
Each month Club Penguin created a party experience for players. These required new story rich game experiences, world decorations, avatar and furniture items and unique illustrations. As these parties were produced monthly the turnaround from concept to final art for the team was only a four week cycle! Below are examples of some of my favourite parties that I lead art direction on, and contributed content to.
Bottom Row: Illustrations by Kristen Lucas, Nathan Bolton, UI by Monika Brenner, Room Art by Amanda Kadatz, Sprite by Brad Sorochka
I have had the opportunity to work with many great franchise partners including Disney Feature, Disney Channel, Pixar, LucasFilm, Marvel, and the Muppets. These partnerships involve creating on-brand game experiences and translating other franchises' characters and assets to the Club Penguin style.
Puffle Wild was a Match Three app developed with Disney Glendale. This project went through many rounds of environment exploration, as we worked to take players on a tour of parts of the island they'd never seen before.
Start Screen Above: Illustrations by Eric Reimer, Logo design by Keely Portsmouth, UI/UX by Jeremy Steiner
Final Game Board: Illustrations by Eric Reimer, Layout by me/Jeremy Steiner, UI/UX by Jeremy Steiner
Club Penguin was an amazing game to be a part of - because of the amazing, hardworking team I had the pleasure to make it with and the players that loved it. Waddle on!
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